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E-Commerce Management


BLK & GLD Logistics is providing E-Commerce solutions since the beginning. Our expertise allows us to provide reliable, seamless end-to-end delivery while saving you extra time and money. Whether you need to book a single carton or an entire container, we are your one-stop solution. We pick your shipments, pack them, and ship them to their destinations while providing a top-notch customer experience for all your products sold from any E-Commerce platform. You just need to inform us when do you need us, and we will be there for you!
Our E-Commerce Logistics provides a range of solutions to manage the supply chain for brands and retailers. By utilizing our existing assets and investing in the latest digital capabilities, we strive to provide our customers with multichannel solutions to enable them to attain the potential of the rapidly growing e-commerce industry. Our business-to-consumer fundament braces your stock flow – whether it's from viral sales, promotions, seasonal rushes, or an ordinary sales day. We, at BLK & GLD Logistics, enable you to scale up through automated achievement, inventory management, storage, and picking & packing solutions. While using our logistics solutions, you will get the current status, real-time tracking, and transparent reporting of your order that will help you improve the delivery time for the consumers – no matter what and where are you delivering.
BLK & GLD Logistics’ E-Commerce solutions enable businesses to sell anywhere, deliver in any way, and manage everything with a seamless approach. Let us help you with your E-Commerce Logistics so you can meet your customers’ expectations.