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How Temporary Labor can be beneficial for Warehouse Staffing?

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If you’re contracting for a home renovation project, you only have to deal with the general contractor about the project. But you want to be assured that the people making the drywall, attaching the fixtures, and sticking the tiles are experienced in doing the right job.
The same is the case with the use of temporary labor for warehousing stuff. Being a user of 3PL logistics services, you must want to know how your 3PL is using the temporary labor and how will they affect the quality of work.

Advantages for Shippers in Utilizing Temporary Labor for Warehouse

Hiring temporary workers for warehouse staffing can be beneficial for the shippers in various ways. Firstly, it allows third-party logistics to respond in a supple way, to altering order cycles with a flexible warehousing solution. Sales spikes can be beneficial but if the distribution team can’t meet the demand, then it leads to reduced sales and dissatisfied customers.
Temporary workers also help the shippers in managing costs and increasing profits. There’s a common saying that you don’t necessarily want to build the church to take in the crowd on Easter. Just like that, you don’t want your 3PL to set warehouse staff to manage your peak times – and charge you for full-time labor. Most of the time, you don’t even need them.

Advantages for 3PL in Utilizing Temporary Labor for Warehouse

Utilizing temporary workers for warehouse staffing is also beneficial for the 3PLs in various ways.
Workflow – Temporary worker allows third-party logistics to keep staff employed regularly, instead of dismissing them if there’s a worker shortage for a specific time.
Work-Life Synergy – Overtimes are experienced sometimes, but you cannot burn out the warehouse workers from the overtime.
Recruiting of Permanent Workers – Many third-party logistics see temporary assignments as a perfect opportunity to find candidates for a full-time job. Many temporary workers know this and are in search of such opportunities to see if the hiring company is a place where they can get a permanent job and build a career.
Less to No Hiring Expenses – Obviously, if you are hiring the warehouse workers from the existing temporary staff, you don’t need to pay any costs for recruiting and hiring new workers.

What questions can you ask Third-Party Logistics about the use of temporary warehouse workers?

When assessing a 3PL to handle your business, you will most probably meet the salesmen and the operations executives. The people who will do the real work, you don’t get to meet those people. Because the people who will pick, pack, and check the orders are the ones you are concerned about, and you expect them to be experts in their jobs. If you’re someone who is thinking the same, then here are some questions that you can ask to assess a provider’s ability.
How many of your warehouse workers are temporary? Do ask the 3PLs about the percentage of their temporary warehouse workers. Normally, there should be a maximum of 20% temporary workers in a company. If the 3PL you are about to hire has a large number of temporary workers, then beware as it can be problematic.
Do you split workers across accounts? 3PLs that train their workers in various departments can be of huge benefit for the shippers. In situations of volume spikes, the shippers get experienced workers who understand the accounts well and can get the job done right, unlike the temporary workers. 3PLs that use campus environments, with different warehouses at a single location, are particularly able to train workers in various fields.
Can you gather the assets for huge volume spikes? When doing a business, you want to minimize as much risk as possible. To avoid any supply chain disruption, it’s better to think about the worst- and best-case scenario – and evaluate what would be the consequences if order volumes spiked 50–100% unexpectedly. What is the relationship of 3PL with other warehouse staffing agencies in the industry? Are they strategic enough? Are there enough temporary workers to handle the volume spike?
Are you cross-checking your workers’ competence? The 3PLs require certain certifications and skills for specific jobs. Whenever such things are presented by the workers, it’s better to cross-check them. Because the skill or experience is fake in any way, it can lead to serious injury or damage i.e., in the case of a forklift driver, etc.
Is your relationship with the temporary staffing agencies is tactical? Here, it’s not something different from the carrier relationship. At times of tight freight capacity, the carriers will support the companies that have been building tactical relationships with the staffing agencies. Building strong relationships with these agencies can be beneficial when temporary staff is needed on an urgent basis.

Addressing Warehouse Staffing Challenges – from the Inside Out

There’s a real talent gap in the logistics industry. It’s not only about the engineers and operators, but also about the driver and other staff members. Being the best supply chain consulting firm, BLK & GLD Logistics has tried to tackle this challenge by hiring logistics experts from the industry.
Utilizing temporary workers for the warehouse is not just the tactical way of economically managing the volume spikes, but it can also lead to dozens of job interviews – that results in the permanent hiring of qualified workers to fill in the talent gap.
Whether you need service for goods transporting for the federal government near Georgia or need help with supply chain management consulting, we’re there to help!

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